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Where we're at....

Phase 1 - Preparation
We have taken a long look at the Maker's Manual Bible, listing the major topics important for solving problems today.

Phase 2 - Data entry
Over 150 topics have been identified, categorised, listed and cross-linked. There are over 6,000 key text solutions in the can. All 66 books of the Bible - The Maker's Manual are preserved complete and intact. Some text is repeated in a number of topics for ease of reading.

Phase 3 - Continuity / Completion
It remains to tweak various individual topics for best appearance and insert more picture material as available.

  • If your question does not appear yet, please let us know.
  • If you do not understand a question or believe that you know how it should be phrased for clarity, please tell us.

uestions and help from users are given priority attention.
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Indexes ....

You can now navigate by Zone (from Home Page), by Topic or by Bible book and verse reference text.

You can Tour the Site using the BACK and ON buttons on the NavBar at the foot of every Topic page.

The Bible Book index also is accessed from the 'tablet' link in the NavBar at the foot of every Topic page.

If you prefer traditional words you can check that you are complete on essentials by using our new Essentials Index - Faith Dynamic



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