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1. Obscure Terms, Titles
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2. Proper Names

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Page from a very early copy
of God The Maker's Manual known as
Codex Sinaiticus
-British Museum, London











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1. Terms and Titles (A - Z)

A Abba - Daddy, Dad

Abide - stay put

Abram, Abraham - founding father of the Jewish race.

Abraham's seed - of Jewish parents.

Abyss - Hell (q.v)

Adam (and wife Eve) - Architypal first humans.

Adultery - having sex with someone without marriage.

Anathema - Accursed, separated, cast away

Ancient of Days - God

Angel - heavenly, extra-terrestrial being - special messenger, warrior.Anoint,

Anointing - putting on oil as symbol of royal or priestly appointment or for healing.

Apostle - One who is sent , a messenger, leader

Ark of the Covenant - Holy reliquary made and carried by Israelites in the wilderness and deposited in the Temple when built.

Atonement - Payment to make at one the payee with the payer in money and blood

B Babylon - Ancient city in present-day Iraq where the ancient Jews were exiled in captivity and infamous for its immorality.

Be baptized (Baptism) - ritually washed in water and/or in The Maker's breath.

Beelzebub - Prince of Demons. Evil Extraterrestrial.

Bishop - Overseer,Superintendent of The Maker's Family

Blasphemer, Blaspheme - One who speaks against God The Maker

Blessed - Happy, satisfied, spoken well of

Blood of the Covenant - Jesus' life blood, accepted as payment

Body of Christ - God's family, the Church.

Book of life - God, The Maker's record of those who serve Him

Born again - begin life over by turning around.

Breath - Inner, unseen part of a person.

C Canaan - Promised land of the Jews

Centurion - Roman army officer commanding 100 men.

Christ - Anointed One. King Jesus.

Christian - Literally 'Little Christ' - name given to the early Called Out.

Church - People in The Maker, Father God's family.
Literally - Called Out

GigaGuysnGals are family

Circumcision - Cutting off the foreskin - Jewish 'belonging' religious covenant rite ; The Jewish People

Commune - rap - not neccessarily out loud!

Concubine - second and other relationships not of legal standing as wives.

Confession - saying it and meaning it.

Covenant - solemn promise made by one person for the benefit of another.

Covet, covetous - envious, jealous

Covetousness - envy, jealousy

Cross, Crucifixion - Roman capital punishment.

Cubit - measurement - distance fron elbow to fingertip - 18", 46cm.

D Dayspring - Jesus

Deacon - Server in The Maker's Family

Denarius. - penny (Roman) - one day's wage.

Demon - Enemy Agent, Agent of the Devil, unclean spirit (q.v.)

Devil - Enemy Agent, the Devil (his name), unclean spirit (q.v.)

Disciple - One who follows, learns and obeys.

Dissembler - One who conceals meaning and lies.

E Elder - Leader, older person.

Enemy - Devil, Satan, Day-star, son of the morning, Lucifer - Chief angel who fell into wrong, opposing The Maker, God

Ephesus, Ephesians - City in Asia Minor home of one of the early churches.

Eunuch - Male who is emasculated specially for service to a monarch or other person of high rank

F Fast - abstain from eating for a set time.

Firmament - Expanse

Fornicator - Fornication - person who has sex without being married to his or her partner.

Foreskin - Loose skin covering the knob (glans) end of the penis in the male.


Gentile - Educated person other than a jew.

Glory - Adornment, beauty, cleanness, desire, heaviness, honor, majesty, preciousness, purity, rarity, weight.

Gog,Magog - Mountain, territory in ancient Scythia or Tartary.

Gospel - Good news about The Lord Jesus Christ.

H Hades - Hell, Sheol, Pit. Abyss- Region of the Lost - where people who reject God go after death.

Harlot - Prostitute, Hooker

Heaven - Sky, Air

Hell - Region of the Lost - Hades, Sheol, Pit. Abyss

High Priest - Religious leader, over priests

Holy Spirit - The Maker's breath.

House - Household, Family, Tribe

I Ido l, ( idolater) - man-made image for worship, (worshipper)...any figurehead or idealogy opposing God The Maker

Inheritance - money, goods,wealth passed down from father to son or other relation/s at death of the donor

Iniquity - perversity, vanity, wrong

Intercession, intercede - ask on another's behalf.

Israel - Jewish tribe.


J Jacob - One of the early Jewish tribe patriarchs.

Jerusalem - Chief city of the Jews - Zion

Jew - descendant of Abraham, Judah, later of Israel too.

Joseph - Early Jewish hero

Judah - Early Jewish patriarch and tribe

Justify, Justification- To make, declare or become right.

K Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven - The Maker's sovereign state. The area placed under His control.

Know - Knowledge - Familiarity gained by experience - Wisdom - understanding

L Lamb, Lamb of God - Jesus

Lasciviousness - Licentiousness

Laud - applaud

Law - Original Rules for living given to the ancient Jews - See also 'The law of Jehovah'.

Leper, Leprosy - loathsome contagious skin disease treated with banishment.

Leviathan - prehistoric sea monster

Levite - Worker / minister in The Maker's service.

M Makers Breath - The Holy Spirit power given to believers.

Manna Bread-like food supplied by God The Maker to Israel while travelling in the Wilderness.

Melchizedek - Mysterious early Jewish king-priest.

Michael - Chief Angel

Miracle - Marvellous event set up by The Maker.

Mystery - Revelation, Vision, Spiritual gift of The Maker - a Mental picture giving guuidance, information etc

N Nazirite - Man devoted to God,The Maker, by oath and subject to a severely restricted lifestyle.

O Ordinance - statute, decree, judgment

Other Tongues - unknown language for speaking withGod.


Parable - teaching story with hidden meaning.

Partner - Sharer with other person\s in enterprise or business Proverbs 29 : 14

Paradise - a park, a garden (around a palace)

Passover - Jewish feast day

Perdition - 'lost-ness'

Perfect law, the law of liberty - The Maker's Manual

Pharaoh - Egyptian ruler-despot

Pharisee - Member of strict Jewish sect

Pray.Praying, Prayer - Speaking, talking with, asking of, The Maker

Presbytery - assembly of Elders

Priest - Leader responsible for worship, sacrifice and access to God under the old Jewish law or Pagan eqyivalent. (Levitical Priesthood)

Prophet, (Prophecy, Prophesy) - Person who speaks (speaking) out what God says.

Propitiation - what appeases, quiets, pacifies, concilliates, soothes, satisfies.

Publican - Tax gatherer under contract to foreign government.

R Reconcile - Patch up the difference.

Redeem, Redemption - ransom or buy-back price to release a person from prison, slavery, land from sell-out, etc.

Repent - have another mind - turn around, go in the opposite direction.

Resurrection - coming back to life from death.

Righteousness - rightness in the Maker's book, not my judgment.

S Sabbath - Jewish one-day-a-week rest day

Sacrifice - Offering to a god, usually destroyed in the giving.

Sadducees - Strict Jewish sect

Saints - People of the Maker's Family, called snd set apart, distinct, separated and dedicated.

Salvation - Safety, Ease, Deliverance, Security, Sound, Soundness.

Samaritan - Citizen of Samaria, treated with disdain by ancient Jews

Sanctify, Sanctification - Being set aside, dedicated to a special purpose.


GigaGuysnGals have fun

Seed - Progeny, successors, children, offspring. Sperm.

Seer - Prophet - hears from and speaks for God The Maker.

Sepulchre - Tomb

Seraphim - Heavenly being - like an angel.

Serpent - Enemy, Satan, Devil

Scribe - Jewish lawyer

Scripture - The Maker's Instruction Manual, the Bible.

Shamefastness - modesty

Sheol - Hell, Pit - See Hades (This page)

Sin - Wrong

Smite - hit

Spirit - Inner, unseen part of a person. Breath. Non-material being or power.

Son of God - Son of Man - Jesus

Sons of God - obscure - probably heavenly, extra-terrestrial beings or authorities.

Statute - law

Strait - Closed, narrow, restrained

Strong man - the enemy - Satan

Swine - pig

Synagogue - Jewish place of worship



T Tabernacle - Tent

Temple - Place for worship

Temptation - Trial, Good challenged to renege by bad

Testimony - Truth, as demanded in a court of law. Where I'm coming from

Teraphim.- Idols, figurines

The law of Jehovah - The Maker's Manual

The Maker's Manual - Gigaguysngals term for The Law, The Holy Bible, Scriptures, etc.

Tithe - one tenth of one's income.

Transgression - (Transgressor) - to pass or step over law, revolt, rebel.

Translate - to pass through death without experiencing it.

U Unclean spirits - demons (q.v.)

Urim and Thummim - used by priests, a means of finding out God The Maker's plans. Details and method of use unknown

Veil - The unseeable future after death.

V Vision - Revelation, Spiritual gift of The Maker - a Mental picture giving guuidance, information etc

W Wax - become

- Wisdom - understanding Know - Knowhhow -Knowhowledge -

Witness - person who has seen and says what The Maker does.

Word of the Lord - Word of Jehovah -The Word - What the Maker says either in His Manual or 'breathed' into you.

XYZ Yoke - harness for work (oxen)

Zion - Jerusalem

2. Proper Names (A - Z)

Abel - Second son of Noah

Abraham (Abram)- Great old-time leader and family head.

Adam - First human being

Andrew - One of Jesus' close followers.

Benjamin - Founding father of smallest Jewish tribe.

Caesar - Emporer, Ruler, Head of Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar

David - Second and greatest king of the ancient Jews.

Devil - The enemy, adversary, accuser, evil one, Satan, serpent, dragon.

Elijah.Elisha - Great old-time spokesmen for God

God - The Maker, Father, Lord

Herod - Roman Tetrarch of Galilee in Jesus' time

Israel - Jewish founding father of Israel tribe.

Isaac - One of the Jewish founding fathers.

Jacob - One of the Jewish founding fathers.

Jehovah -The Maker, Father God, The Lord.

Jerusalem - Peace, Zion, chief city of Israel and Judah, City of David.

Jesus - see 'The Lord Jesus Christ'

Joab - Famous soldier-leader under David.

John (1) - John the Baptist - a prophet
John (2) - One of Jesus' close followers.

Joshua - literally 'savior' - ancient Jewish warrior-leader

Levi - One of the Jewish founding fathers, responsible for teaching the Law and representing the people before God. The Maker.

Mary Magdalene - One of Jesus' close followers.

Moses - Great ancient Jewish leader entrusted with The Law.

Noah - Ancient patriarch

Paul (Saul previously) - Leader in the early church.

Peter (Cephas)- One of Jesus' close followers.

Pharoah - Ruler of Egypt

Philip - One of Jesus' close followers

Pilate - Roman Procurator of Judea at the time of Jesus.

Satan - Enemy, Evil One, Serpent, Devil

Saul - First king of the Israelites

Sodom - Wicked city destroyed by volcanic action.

The Lord Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ - Son of God The Maker, King. Anointed

Jesus Christ - a real man although never pictured during His life on earth.

See 'Jesus' Mission

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